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Pear – Apple Compote (on Yoghurt)

Very simple and healthy dessert. The kids I babysit always love it and its way better than the ones you can buy. The compote itself consists of fruits only and thus contains 0 Weight Watchers points.

What you need:

2 Pears
1 Apple
3 Oranges (juice only)
sugar or sweetener (optional)
1 lb plain yoghurt (optional)

Version 1:
Wash apple and pears. Remove seed, cut them into small lengths and place them in a pan. Extract juice from oranges and pour it into the pan. Let it cook for about 20 min.
In the meantime decant yoghurt into a bowl and add sugar or sweetener if you like. When the compote is ready, simply place it on top of the yoghurt.
For the zero point version you just need to leave out the yoghurt, it tastes well enough without anyways. Depending on what kind of yoghurt you use the whole dish will have about 4 -6 points (mine had 4)

Version 2:
For this version you need only 3 oranges. It’s not much different from the first one, but may be more appealing to children. It’s usually eaten warm but you can also let it cool down and add to their lunch box.
What you need to do it is peel the pears and apples before you cook them and use 2 oranges instead of 3. When the fruits are soft enough (roughly 15 min) take them off the stove, wait until it has warmed down and purée it.
Serve with yoghurt or without, whatever you prefer


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