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Great for hot summer days and an incredibly healthy dish, involving plenty of raw vegetables. Easy and quick to prepare.

2 Cucumbers
6 Tomatoes (peeled)
1 onion
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
2 garlic cloves
1/2 Zucchini
1/4 c water
1/2 c tomato juice
1/4 c vinegar (preferably red wine vinegar)
1 chilli (optional)
salt to taste

I know a lot of people add oil to their gazpacho, but personally I feel it barely makes any difference so I usually leave it out. I have to admit that it does taste a bit better if you add bread, but if you are doing weight watchers or a different diet, it’s definitely worth leaving the bread out.

Peel the cucumbers. You can later chop the skin and serve with vinegar, oil, salt and pepper as side dish, if you like. Slice onion, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, garlic and pepper and place it in a food processor. If your food processor isn’t big enough you can also use an immersion blender, it just takes a bit longer. Once its smooth, place it in a large bowl and store in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Stir lightly before serving.

You can use fresh tomatoes and peel them yourself but I usually take canned ones. Then you can also use the juice that comes with it instead of additional tomato juice


2 comments on “Gazpacho

  1. Anna
    May 13, 2012

    Tell me its almost gazpacho time! Fantastic reminder of one of my favorite summer dishes!

  2. Noble Wontor
    May 18, 2012

    Good blog, thanks for share this article with us

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