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Melon scoops in frozen yoghurt

It’s a great, healthy, substitute for ice cream, just be sure to use a very ripe melon.  Low fat, low-calorie and easy to make.

1/2 water melon
1 lb plain yoghurt
sugar (optional)
aluminium foil

Scrape out little scoops with an ice cream spoon, until only the shell of the melon is left. When you’re done there should some juice left at the bottom of the melon shell. Sort out the seeds and mix juice with yoghurt in a large bowl. Add sugar until the mixture is as sweet as you like it to be
Place each melon scoop on a square of aluminium foil and spill some yoghurt over each scoop (roughly 2 tablespoons each). Then fold the aluminium foil so the entire scoop is covered.

Store them in the freezer for 3 – 4 hours. Take them out, remove aluminium foil and serve. If you let them in the freezer for longer than 4 hours you may have to let it warm up for a while, before you can eat it.


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