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I’m currently doing P90X and so far I’m kinda disappointed with it. It’s just a lot less extreme than I expected. But if there is one thing I learned its that with all the great advice online you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good workout at home.
Before I started P90X I just used to make myself a plan with youtube videos, that I repeated twice or thrice and I honestly thought my plan was a bit more extreme than p90X. So I just thought why not put some of them online.

I’m kinda a lazy person, I need to have some kind of plan to stick too, otherwise I don’t workout enough. So ya, as I said above I just make myself a small table and follow the workouts. Some of you may not even need a paln, but still go check out the channels.
I like to workout twice a day, once in the morning with a bit more of a cardio focus, and once at night with more toning exercises. Of course you can do it all at once. On most day I spend about 70 – 90 min working out.
Also when I write myself a plan I like to focus on one or two areas. Here, my first plan focuses on core and arms while the other focuses on your bum and legs. It doesn’t mean you won’t workout other parts, just that you will workout those parts more intensely. But still it’s particularly important not to stick to one plan more than 3 weeks. I usually only do 1 or 2 ,because I get bored so easily but 3 is fine also, just not more.

I’m not a doctor or personal trainer or have any other kind of qualification, this is just something I made for myself and thought I’d share with you. But as with any workout you need to know your limits. For example, I have a bad knee, had surgery a couple of times, but it’s still not great so there are some things I can’t do in those videos.

So let’s start with the channels I use most often:

Tone it up
I love this channel. The usual California beach setting somehow always motivates me to workout harder and lose weight. Additionally there are some great recipes and good advice for a healthy lifestyle

This is my absolute favourite channel. The workouts are awesome, when I started doing these there were so many moves that I’ve never done before and Cassey so adorable. Her videos definitely make for a fun but challenging workout.
She also features some pretty good recipes and dieting advice on youtube and her website

TiffanyRothe Workouts
There are lot of dance inspired workouts here, which is cool. Also there is a spanish version of most of her workouts, which awesome if you’re learning spanish like I am right now, because you can do 2 things at once

Yoga today & yogayak
Personally I’m not a yoga freak, I only do yoga once or twice a week but those two channels feature great workouts for beginner and intermediate level. And they always have beautiful backrounds.

Amanda Russell & Zuzana Light
I just recently discovered those channels, so they are not in the workout plans below, but they’re both very cool and I will include some of their workouts into my next plan. particularly Amanda Russell has great cardio workouts.

Just one last thing, before you start any of the workout be sure to warm up and stretch for a couple of minutes and cool down afterwards. Time I calculated is always very generous, usually the actual workouts are shorter so the time I wrote down as total should still fit.
And if they say something like “repeat 2 more times” don’t, unless I wrote something like x2. You can repeat them more often of course but I didn’t  intend the plan to be that long.

Also sorry that the writing comes in different sizes. I haven’t figured out how to do this in wordpress “visual” pages yet and doing it in html(in a table) is just insanely annoying, but I will get to it in the following days.

And here go the workout plans, have fun:


am pm Time in min Day
Tone It Up Rush Workout(4 min) x3

Tone It Up Fat Burning Plyometrics(2 min) x3

Tone It Up Booty Blasting Stair Circuit! (8 min)

POP cinch that waist(8 min)

POP Pilates Intense Ab workout(10 min)

POP Corset Workout (10 min)

POP Uh – Oh Obliques(13 min)

POP Pilates Back Attack (13 min)

am: 26

pm: 54

total: 80

POP Cardio: Fat Melting Routine(8 min) x 2

POP Food Baby HIIT Workout (11 min) x 2

POP Cardio: Heart Throbber (8 min) x2

Essentrics Flexibility Workout (14 min)

Essentrics weight free arm toning (7 min)

Essentrics Workout – Waist Thinners (7 min)

am: 54

pm: 28

total: 82

Tiffany Rothe Hot Body Warm Up (12min)

Tiffany Rothe Sexy back Workout (10 min)

Tiffany Rothe Booty Shaking waist workout (11 min)

Grounding Afternoon Yoga Practice (45 min)


am: 33

pm: 45

total: 78

POP Bodypop workout (14 min) x 2POP Plyo Cray Cray(11 min) x 2POP Kicks: Total Body Cardio Kickboxing (8 min) x 2 No warm up needed

Tone It Up Stretch & Release routine (8 min)

Tone It Up under the Sea workout (9 min) x 2

am: 66

pm: 26

total: 92


5 min warm up

1 min sprint,4 min slow

1 min sprint, 4 min slow

1 min sprint, 4 min slow

5 min cool down

POP Arm Attack 1(11 min)

POP upper body workout(10 min)

POP Arm Attack 2 (15 min)

POP Muffin top Exterminator(10 min)

POP standing Pilates (14 min)

am: 25

pm: 60

total: 85

No workout Tone it Up Valentines Day (18 min)

Tone it Up Sandcastle Workout(15 min)

Tone it Up Best Arm wokout(3 min) x2

Tone it up Booty Lower Abs(10 min)

POP Backless dress (9 min)

Total :58 6
Off or Stretching only 0 7

Bum Legs

am pm Time in min Day
POP Kicks Nice legs(8 min) x2

POP cardio Kick it (5 min) x2

Tone it up Bikini Beach Bum (6 min) x2

Tone it up Beach Babe Workout(13 min)

Tone it up MaliBooty(9 min) x2

Tone it up Tottie Pilates (6 min)

am: 26

pm: 49

total: 75

Tiffany Rothe Strech,Mediation (9 min)

Tiffany Rothe Mountain Climber(11 min)

Tiffany Rothe Boxer Babe(11 min) x2

Tiffany Rothe Booty Shaking waist workout (11 min)

POP Pilates Butt Blaster (25 min)

POP Standing by the Sea (7 min)

am: 53

pm: 32

total: 85 min

POP Bikini Blaster 1 (11 min)

POP Bikini Blaster 2.1(12 min)

POP Bikini Blaster 2.2 (11 min)

Tone it up Summer Slim Workout (8 min) x 2

Tone it Up Sandcastle Workout (15 min)

Tone It Up THIGHS (6 min) x2

Tone it up Bikini Strap Workout (5 min) x 2

am: 34


total: 87

Running:6 min warm up 3 min stretching 1 min slow30 sec sprint, 4:30 min slow1 min sprint, 4 min slow1:30 min sprint, 3:30 min slow

1 min sprint, 4 min slow

30 sec sprint, 4:30 min slow

10 min cool down

POP Bikini Booty Thong Workout (23 min) POP: Perky Butt ‘n Long Lean Legs (13 min) am: 45

pm 36

total: 81

 Tone It Up Rush Workout (4 min) x3

Tone It Up Fat Burning Plyometrics (2 min) x3

Tone It Up Booty Blasting Stair Circuit! (8 min)

POP Beyonce Bootylicious(18 min)

POP Legs and Thighs Workout(10 min)

POP Legilates Legsercizes Leg Workout (13 min)

POP Slimmer Inner Thighs(12 min)

POP Corset Workout (10 min)

am: 26

pm: 63

total: 89


Karmic Kundalini (29 min)

Yoga for Weight Loss – Begin the Burn (14 min)


Tiffany Rothe Hot Body Warm Up (12min)

Tiffany Rothe Chiseled Chair Challenge(7 min)

Tiffany Rothe Ballerina Beauty, Long Legs(10min)

Tiffany Rothe Beautiful Booty (11 min)

Am : 43

pm: 40

total: 84 min

Off or stretching

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