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Celery Mash and Parsley Mash

Not really recipes, more ideas. I like to eat mashed potatoes, it’s quick, cheap and healthy, but it gets a bit boring sometimes so it’s nice to have several variations.¬†Both variations are still cheap and healthy.

Celery Mash
Get one whole celery root from the store. Wash and remove the top layer the best you can. Chop the celery into pieces, it doesn’t have to be small pieces. It really requires strengh to cut raw celeriac and if your pieces turn out rather large, don’t worry about it it’s gonna get mashed later anyways.
Boil and mash celery along with potatoes.

Parsley Mash
Chopp 5 garlic cloves and boild along with potatoes. When soft, strain of water, add some milk and mash until fluffly. Lastly chopp parsley (or take frozen parsley to safe money), add to potaotes and mash

Picture wasn’t taken by me, but from http://www.marions-kochbuch.de, I’ll add one of my own once I prepare that dish again.


2 comments on “Celery Mash and Parsley Mash

  1. cht7
    August 12, 2012

    Looks so pretty!

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